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Friday, November 09, 2007



This morning, my Mac Mail displayed this background gobbledigook machine language, making my messages unreadable. (It's O.K. on the Web site, so this is personal, something that happened on my computer.)

My radio presets also got changed during the night. Yesterday they were: #1-KQED; #2-KCSM; #3- KALW- and suddenly, quite mysteriously, #3 is now KQED, too!

A gremlin? Or is sneaky Sibyl to blame?
* * *
Jill called today to tell me the toxic lizards have creeped her out, as I knew they would. We're afraid of what they might do to her dashboard.

She also informed me - and I do not remember doing this - that I actually sewed the first lizard into the top of the sleeping bag, just to be sure it wouldn't fall out and be lost when she opened it. She said it took a long time to figure it out, that it wasn't alive, that it was plastic. Evil mother.

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velogirl said...

I miss my evil mother.