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Sunday, November 25, 2007

on Cameras, a Ride & a Race

Yesterday, I got it in my head that I needed to replace the old Canon S300, the one I take on my club bicycle rides, with an on-sale 7 mp model. BIG disappointment. But I discovered that I can do a whole lot more with that old camera and it really can't be beat for sharp. Too bad it's only jpg and only 2 mp.

(Once, when I hit a deep pothole on my bike, it flew out of my Bento Box holder, the CF card flew out, the battery flew out and I thought it would be toast, but it still works great; the body is steel - very dented - not plastic like the newer models.)

I took the new camera back this morning, and because I didn't say there was actually anything wrong with it, I got charged a 15% restocking fee. Dang. Lesson learned.

While again using my old camera, I realized it can be manipulated just like a dSLR - I'd never bothered to work it before. This, of Sibyl, was taken at very close range - a few inches - using available light from an 18-watt new-fangled fluorescent bulb, and hand held at 1/15 sec. (Most of this series has motion, of course, because Sibyl wasn't holding still). Other than some cropping, nothing much else was done to it. I'm quite impressed with that now antique Canon's capabilities.

Of course I do have a gorgeous model, IMHO.

I went riding with Judy today and as we were passing by the same corner at 25th & Bryant
where I'd tested the new camera yesterday, I stopped and repeated the series. My old camera is so much sharper and has an all-around better capture.

But back to the ride: We went up Twin Peaks via the Mission and then Chenery/Bosworth/O'Shaughnessy - much more climbing than necessary - and back down on Clarendon to 7th Ave. Clarendon is one mighty long, steep down hill run. Wonderful! We stopped in GG Park at the Children's Playground to use the head, and then as we went toward the beach on MLK we started running into cyclists and way more cars parked than would be expected - and I remembered the cyclo-cross race was today.

We stopped to check it out and a bunch of old teammates hollered Hello, we chatted, but then left to have lunch. We got back in time for the last Cat B race. That's where I got such good pix last year, but, alas, my camera battery wasn't up to it (nor would I have gotten much of interest, anyway).

And now I can't find the old pix, just this one. I really do have to get cataloging software!

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