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Friday, November 23, 2007

One tree, gone!

How very odd. As I was riding on the bridge this morning I was thinking about the one tree, trying to remember what kind it was - thinking, yes, it must be some sort of eucalyptus, planted, not native - when I looked up and saw that now, suddenly, there is NO TREE.

I was dismayed. The ridge looked so dull, so naked without it. I could see the tourists lined up, looking back down at me. I was on my way to Tiburon, but decided that on my way back I would climb up to the site and see if I could find out why it had been removed - though I knew, as a non-native, the powers that be would not want it there anymore.

And I was right about that. There was a sign stating August - October 2007. . ."Removal of selected non-native trees that compromise the health of habitat used by the federally endangered mission blue butterfly."

O.K. I can live with that.

Now, when I look up I will look for a butterfly. Who knows, some day I may see one.

But I will miss the one tree.



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