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Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's that in-between time: not quite winter yet, but dark outside. It's time to shift gears, to do in-house, useful things. I need a plan to get me past this fallow spell.

Instead, I vamp: I repeat my procrastinations over and over, while I wait for the main theme to begin or a new game to start.

I feel sad, more because I've been reading a lot of distressing, though wonderful, short stories than for any other reason I can think of.

I met Judy by the new ball park to go riding this morning and stopped on the way at the Cirque du Soleil tents to take photos; the light was terrible and a chain-link fence kept me from getting closer for a more interesting angle.

It started to rain lightly as we left the Presidio and so we cut our ride short.

Sibyl was annoying me but now she is back on her shelf, annoying her toys, instead. She just threw one down on the floor: she wants me to play fetch with her.

Tonight I need to get to the top of Nob Hill to hear Herbie Hancock. I wish I could ride a bike there, but besides being too sweaty after climbing the hill, it's not a good idea on a rainy night.

I'm not making any new plans quite yet. Sometimes it's good just to drift, see what emerges, see what it is I may have been gestating during my many hours on the road this past year.

Yeah, another year is coming to a close. The world is in ever worse shape, even if my life is good; that too is probably why I feel sad.

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