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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A whole lot of fog

Not much sun, no rain, just cool, gloomy days. It's a good thing I like to push the pedals no matter the weather.

Yesterday there was sun on my east side of the city for a while, but today I don't think our low cloud bank moved away at all.

I rode with the Velo Girls on the Tiburon loop this morning and we had a good ride. As we passed through the Sausalito/Mill Valley marsh we came across people in hazmat suits looking for oil; later in the morning on our way back they were gone but I saw a pristine white Great Egret stalking its lunch. We missed the guy tap-dancing across the bridge on the pedestrian side. Darn!

(The photo is from a garden in Tokyo on another gloomy - but very hot & humid - day.)

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