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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Workin' it

All I did today was work on left-over images from yesterday, write some, ride to Jackson Square to get my hair cut, and stop to take more pix along the way.

This is the view from just outside the USF library reading room, catching the edge of the waterfall sculpture and the rainbow, which you have to be in just the right place to see.
This arachnid took the place of the really ugly sculptures. I'm assuming it too is temporary.

As I was coming home along 3rd Street I chanced on this scene. I wish I'd been carrying a longer lens. The two guys on the very top sat down and were taking a break just after this was taken. They waved to me.

I cut across on Mission Creek along the houseboats. Everything is changing really fast now. Looking across the canal you see nothing but new housing - expensive condos and apartments.

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