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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Art, again

I was in the San Jose Museum of Art most of today with Kit and Bev. They both remember artists' names and histories and I never do. I can't talk about art very well because of that.

I would rather do art than talk art, but that isn't happening in this life, in spite of wishing it were so.

Or maybe art is what happens when you do what you love and quit worrying about it. Yeah. I'll just keep making my images, see what happens.

And (I've already forgotten where I picked this one up, but it is my new mantra),

It's never too late to become what you might have been.

(See previous post: "On (not) being an artist.")

1 comment:

chatterbox said...

The SJMA is a great museum. I am glad to have it down here in the southlands to bring us some culture!