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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Edges & limits

Yesterday I definitely found my limit for riding with my team - they plumb wore me out. When I occasionally had enough oxygen I could appreciate the roads we were on, but man-oh-man, that Sarah front-loaded (as she put it) the climbing - lots of climbing - into the first 12 miles and I don't warm up for at least a slow-paced twenty!

Because my legs are overcooked noodles today, I've been sitting here learning new stuff - like how to straighten out lens distortion - edges - and change part of an image from color to b&w (the PC monitor was showing a scanned slide of an old b&w image that had turned blue) - all good stuff to know.

Here's the Before - see how the shelves and everything else is a bit too warped? Fixed it. That will definitely come in handy.

So, that was my weekend. I'll ride, slowly, tomorrow.

Santa looking at Paul Wonner's "A Peaceable Kingdom" at the San Jose Museum of Art last Wednesday.


chatterbox said...

I was OK after our ride on Saturday (though I probably would have hated the last 45 minutes home), but plum tuckered after a 4 hour ride on Sunday!

Sorry to torture you. I hope you enjoyed some of the views!

Jackie said...

Views? We had views?