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Monday, December 03, 2007


Last week was happily busy, too busy to even write about it. I scrubbed a carpet. I went to a talk by a woman from Jordan about cycling for peace in the Middle East (Follow the Women); a City Arts Lecture with Eric Schlosser and Orville Schell; to the Oakland Museum and Calif. College of the Arts galleries with Kit; did a lot of bookkeeping; did some data entry for the S.F. Bicycle Coalition and picked up the Tube Times (with my picture on page one - ahem); went to the symphony and MTT was being filmed for the PBS' "Keeping Score;" met some Team Velo Girls for a ride out of Woodside on Saturday; and then the Tiburon loop via Strawberry Point on Sunday; made plane reservations for Paris.

Oh, and last but not least, I rode in the dark to Winterfest last night, the SFBC's annual HUGE party. It was amazing to see so many cyclists from so many cultures - and so many came by bike that there was always a long line waiting to park, but well worth it.

Today all I did was laundry and pushed some pixels around. Here's a few pix I like.


velogirl said...

did you notice the men sitting in the "boat" in Tiburon on sunday? cracked me up. they looked like little kids playing boat or something silly.

Jackie said...

Nope, I missed them. Other than no sun, it was a great ride.

chatterbox said...

I had fun riding with you on Saturday. Glad to see you'll be joining us again this week. Yay!