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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Between squalls

In an hour I'll be braving the Bay Bridge to take Sibyl to birdie camp (boarder's). She's already asleep in her little travel cage.

I forgot how much time there is in a day when you don't have anywhere to be - the rain canceled my weekend rides. I'm actually relaxed, ready to leave for Paris a day early. Maybe I'll go to a movie tomorrow instead of working old images. I haven't had the camera out all week and that seems just fine.

The poinsettia tree, yes, it's a full-fledged tree size, made it through yesterday's storm. It was pretty exciting here, but since our power didn't go out, I think my neighborhood was lucky. There's much debris from the jacaranda tree next door, and two discarded X-mas trees wound up at my front gate, but otherwise, I don't see any damage.

Today's thunder was momentarily exciting, but I think the worst is over - for now.

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chatterbox said...

aur revior (who knows if I spelled that right?) Have a great time. Post lots of photos for us!