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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No time

Monique & Gerald at home in Normandy
With only four full days left in Paris, I won't take much time to write or process photos and, besides, the best ones got away: I can't get over deleting Honfleur!
Yesterday I took the Metro to Bon Marche to shop, ended up walking for hours - without my camera.  It was - and still is - very dark and cold out.  It hasn't rained, but sure looks like it will any minute.  I plan to clean house and, if it isn't raining, go out riding.
These photos were taken in Normandy last weekend. . .though blogspot is very slow to upload them so I'm not sure if I'll get past the one of Monique and Gerald clowning as Vikings.  
Ah, it works again.  The stately country homes look so lonely, deserted, so unlike what I'm used to; I love them.  (This is not their house.)
...and then there are the thatched roof, half-timbered farmhouses to love, also.

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