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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The ones that got away

DB let me post his photo taken in Honfleur; mine would be essentially the same, but not as sharp as his Leica's, I'm sure.  There were many more along the harbor and inside an interesting church; I saw them on my Epson and just know they would have been great, Ha ha.  It's too long a story, how I erased them, but I'll keep kicking myself for a long time.   I'll be using his CF cards in my camera until I leave, saving my erased cards just in case I can recover the data, though I doubt a reformatted card can be saved.

And that's DB, caught with the light behind him, fooling around with the Viking helmet in Normandy.

Today is again overcast, but not raining like it did all day yesterday, and so I'm going out with the camera to wander the streets of Paris on the bike, see what I can see.  Yesterday I walked many miles on the Left Bank, or so it seemed, looking for a particular book, which I didn't find.  But I walked down narrow, winding streets, looking into shops and taking my time, something I would never do on a bicycle, so it was fine.

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