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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Orange city helmet

Yesterday, when I got to the front door to take my walk it was raining and so I went back up in the elevator to get an umbrella. Another tenant kept talking to me, calling me madame. I don't know what she was saying, I just kept smiling and nodding, assuming we were commiserating about the rain; it seemed to work O.K.
When I got back downstairs it had quit raining, the sun was shining, and it was beautiful the rest of the day.

After lunch DB said lets get you a helmet and go riding. I said, but you said we wouldn't be riding this time of year and he said, no, I said, don't bother bringing your bike, that's different. And so, I get to use the really high-end Alex Moulton, the one that's made of aircraft stainless steel, with Dura Ace, and with front and back suspension. The stem is completely adjustable fore and aft and in no time we'd made it fit me and off we went, me with a really big grin that just wouldn't quit, riding the streets of Paris again.
We stopped in a bike shop for my new helmet, a Bell Citi model, just right for city riding. They only carry the one dark orange color.
And then we rode over cobble-stoned streets, so much easier on the Moulton, to a block on Blvd. Beau Marchais, where there are several camera stores, each with a different focus: large format, Leica, medium format, Rollei.
Yeah, riding the streets of Paris.

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chatterbox said...

so jealous! Enjoy the riding and the bike and the cool orange helmet and the company!