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Friday, January 25, 2008


I meant to take the Metro and just drop in to the Pompidou Center for a quick run-through this morning, come back for a bike and go to a few more places in the afternoon. Ha! I spent a lot of time talking myself into getting in the long line for a ticket; I went to the store and took pix of the rows of postcards, trying to decide if I really wanted to see more art - took pix of the odd assortment of people and the interesting views - went to the bathroom. Finally got in line, got my ticket, got in another line to leave my jacket and camera bag. An hour after getting there I finally went up the escalators to the galleries. 

I actually saw a lot of art I liked, some old favorites like de Kooning and Kandinsky and Chagall, and a lot that leaves me once again wondering what makes something worthy of a major museum's collection, versus being just a nice photograph - is it the immense scale?  

When I finally left it was nearly 3:00.  I dropped in a side door of a nearby church, St. Merri, which seemed fallen on hard times, full of interesting, incongruous things - old and new intermingled in a nearly random way - I will enjoy working on the images from this day when I get home.   

Needless to say, by the time I got back my eyes were ready to fall out and riding in rush hour traffic in Paris didn't appeal.  I started the tedious job of copying files to my portable storage, instead.

We're off to the Normandy coast tomorrow and I will just put up this one image from today. I like it.  (Otto Dix, Portrait de la journaliste Slyvia von Harden, 1926.)

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