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Sunday, January 20, 2008

South to Provence

Pont du Gard, Provence, France

Gerard and Francoise took us to this site yesterday after a traditional raclette lunch in their St. Laurent des Arbres home, where we'd been for three days.  Often, DB and Gerard were working on computers (both are working photographers) in Gerard's Boulbon atelier, and I took walks or read.   It was a very relaxing get-away, less than 3 hours on the TGV - it would take all day to drive that distance, and a huge improvement over the old compartmentalized, slow trains.

Gerard and David

I have several hundred photos to deal with, but I will probably wait to work them when I get home (the 12" laptop screen isn't good for graphic work).

I made a vegetable and beef stew for our dinner, but without my usual ingredients, not sure how it will turn out.  It should last a few meals, though, and that's the whole point.  (I guess it was O.K, there's only enough left for one more meal. . .)

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lauren said...

oh! i love the colors in that picture! the yellow is so nice with the blue in the back.

your trip is sounding so wonderful.