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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rainy Friday

Photo: Sept. 2006
We rode to the Place de la Concorde on an errand at the American Consulate this morning,but I couldn't take the camera because of the security checks and, besides, it looked like another rainy day in Paris. (Indeed, it was a rainy Friday and we got wet before we got home.) The crowd in the waiting room was the usual collection of people; bureaucracies look pretty much the same everywhere, I think.  Got some groceries and came back to read about the city, instead of being out in it. Fell asleep. Now drinking coffee, hoping to stay awake until late and get myself onto local time.

Usually, while I travel, I write what I'm doing or seeing in a little notebook, but here I have the use of a laptop - what the heck, I might as well babble on about nothing, just like I do at home.

The Ferris Wheel is back up; it wasn't there in the spring.  DB has an extraordinary night shot of it at his Digital Railroad Web site.  

What I always find really special about riding around any city on a bicycle is how much you can see, how easily you can move around the outstanding spots.  If I listed all I see, this would turn into a very long tour guide!  I love the way it all moves around me as I move around it: threading a way through traffic circles, over cobbles and bridges, around scooters and pedestrians and other cyclists, looking at all the sights the while.  Love it.  Rain or shine.

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