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Monday, January 28, 2008

Scallops & cockle shells

I probably knew scallops didn't come in cellophane-wrapped packages, but this was my first encounter with the fresh-off-the-boat variety, many kilos of which we took back to St. Hymer from Trouville and had for the best dinner I think I've ever had anywhere - exact location my secret!  Gerald showed me how to remove the nut - the part you eat - and as he picked up another scallop, it was breathing.  Uh oh, I said, this is why I get mine in cellophane-wrapped packages!
We'd walked along the beach, watching the sparse winter crowd play - some children were flying kites without wind, running along the shore - dalmations were chasing each other - teens were hanging out in the sand, sand pushed away from the sea until needed again in the summer.  I collected cockle shells along the beach and enjoyed the view of the grand old hotels, now apartments, all along the shore.
But right now I have to get going, can't take time to process pix or write about the things I saw and did with good company - and I'm still in shocked grief after stupidly deleting a day's shoot from the beautiful port city of Honfleur - probably the best pix of the entire trip.  (If anyone knows how to recover files from either an Epson P-3000, or from reformatted Compact Flash cards, please advise!)
. . .to be continued.

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