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Friday, February 01, 2008

Another art day

It continued to rain today so I took myself and my umbrella on the Metro and headed for the Musee de l'Orangerie. It took a long time of standing out in the wind and rain for the line to get through security, but well worth it. I first went downstairs to see the collection before going into the oval rooms with Monet's Les Nympheas, the water lilies. As usual, I enjoyed the people as much as the art.

And then I trudged a long, long way through the entire Tuileries, past the Louvre, all the way to St. Chapelle and the Consiergerie. I held my umbrella over me by tucking it into my camera bag, which was swung across my chest to take pix in the rain.

St. Chapelle, even on a dark day, was stunning and I'm glad I went, but by this time I was a popsicle and, after warming up for a bit in the old prison (ha ha), the Consiergerie, I caught the Metro back.

Tomorrow we'll pack the Moulton, which I'm bringing to the states for DB, and the sun is supposed to shine, wouldn't you know! We could have gone out riding. . .well, maybe we can ride and then pack.

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chatterbox said...

yay! You'll be back soon. We missed you on the team this month!

Looks like you've had a great time. Thanks for all the postings. I bet you wish you could stay now that spring is on the horizon!