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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Delta

Yesterday I went up to the Sacramento River Delta where the Sandhill cranes spend the winter. It was a beautiful spring-like day and I took my time, stopping in the derelict turn of the century Chinatown village of Locke and having lunch in a small-town diner in Walnut Grove (amongst the walnut groves, of course). I brought all my cameras and a couple of borrowed longer lenses, hoping to capture a crane. Alas, unlike the Galapagos, where the waved albatross will perform its courtship dance nearly in your lap, the cranes remained elusively off in the distance, just visible through a spotting scope brought to the site by a Fish & Game docent (who was absolutely wonderful, even supplying homebaked cookies and drinks!).

Today I am going to tackle Hercules' yard and hope I don't find an empty shell. Later, I will process some more colorful photos from the delta.

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