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Friday, February 08, 2008

Foggy morning

The fog outside my window this morning reminded me of another foggy morning in Normandy, when we wandered back roads trying to drive along the Seine on our way back to Paris.

As it turned out, the many fog-shrouded dead end shots, taken through the car window, went on top of the lost Honfleur pix from the day before. Had I not taken them I would have been able to recover the "day that got away." Alas.

And here are the bright watering cans in Paris on the day I ran into the pedestrian, taken the very moment I was stepping in dog crap.

I haven't used my camera since getting back to town and I miss having new pixels to push around. Today I'm meeting Jane for a quick trip through "Marie Antoinette" at the Legion, lunch and a movie. Tonight is the team potluck and it will be good to see old friends.

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