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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hercules and more Delta

Train in the Sacramento River Delta
My hibernating box turtle, Hercules, didn't come stomping out to protest my messin' with his yard so I guess it's still too early (or he died underground). I'll wait a bit more before poking around for him. There isn't much fauna: one worm, one earwig, just a few baby snails, and he probably knows to wait for better pickin's.

I'll be sore tomorrow, weeding is not my favorite thing.

I feel bad about Locke. I always felt bad about Locke. It isn't like, say, Bodie, where the state made a point of preserving what was probably no better when it was new, but it seems like Locke has been left to die. Nothing was well-built to begin with, but one lit match and that place is gone. Maybe just a big wind and it's gone. Granted, it's still "off season," but as you can see (do enlarge the pix), it's in very bad shape. Way past fixer-upper. There's refuse and garbage everywhere, which I'm not showing. It's a mess.

Al the Wops was the only place open for business and a few workmen came for lunch.

Locke is not colorful. It's just sad.

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