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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Paris, au revoir

We packed DB's bike into my hard case for me to bring back to the states for him, and then took the Metro, not knowing where we were headed, decided on seeing the Cluny, got there and because the sun was finally out and it's a Saturday - Parisians and tourists, alike, were out - it was packed with people, and so we turned around and left.
We walked along the Seine, past Notre Dame and onto the right bank, bought some chocolate crepes, and ended the day at Place des Vosges, and then caught the Metro again at Bastille.  No interesting photos, in spite of gorgeous skies, but a nice walk in the sun.
Every place we walked the Parisians were crowding the streets, strolling and shopping, enjoying the first sunny weekend in forever.
I'll be at the airport, bright and early, home in San Francisco tomorrow - almost before I've left Paris if you go by clocks.

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velogirl said...

welcome home! time sure flies when you're living vicariously through your friend in Paris, doesn't it?