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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pictures or words?

I don't have time to write much about all the good stuff that went on today. I have to either process images or process words, hardly time for both.

I shot many of a new mural on Caesar Chavez St., but I like this one the best. It has Cesar, Che and Emiliano Zapata side by side and is quite well done.

That's my Brompton. I took my car in to have the oil changed this morning. This bike pops in a car easily and is very handy for around town. While I waited for my car, I rode around the Mission and over to Noe Valley, where I had a taco and bought some bird food. It was sunny and warm and I loved being out again.

Later, I also took my car to be smog certified and because I'd been taking old magazines for his waiting room for years, the guy didn't charge me! I'm stunned.

I checked out Chicken John - he was running for mayor last fall, though this says supervisor. The mural/poster takes up one side of a house on Caesar Chavez St. and looks new.

Hercules, covered in dried mud, reappeared this afternoon. I saw mud in his little pond - not there this morning - stopped to look and could hear him rustling around in the plants. I picked him up and he immediately withdrew into his shell, where he remained, still wary after his long winter nap. I weighed and photographed him and then I put him back where I'd picked him up. He weighs the same as when he buried himself last fall. Whew!

Tomorrow I will go buy fresh blueberries for him.

I am so happy.


erein said...

Hi Hercules! Do you know the story of Owen and Mzee? Owen is a baby hippo who is orphaned at a wildlife refuge in Kenya. The keepers put him in with Mzee, a 130year old Aldabra Tortoise. At first Mzee wants nothing to do with this silly, baby hippo, but Owen is determined to make friends; he's very lonely after all. Mzee ignores Owen as only a 130 year old tortoise is able to; you can just imagine how throughly a torotise can ignore, and it seems hopeless for poor Owen. Then the most amazing thing happens. Mzee takes Owen under her wing...uh, shell...and raises him like he's her own! It's a true story of their wonderful friendship, you can visit their website or check to book out at the library. "Owen and Mzee: the language of friendship" by Hatkoff. :)

Jackie said...

Turtles are very special people.