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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yesterday I saw a young woman with hair dyed the same fluorescent purple as worn by this group of teens in the Pompidou Center in Paris. Is this the new in-color?

View from Pompidou Center, Paris
After watching the start of Stage 3 of the Amgen TOC, I got my Brompton out this morning to ride downtown to the warehouse sale at Wilkes Bashford. I easily found Dianna trying things on in her corner - it was quite the mob scene. I said hello, made plans to meet for a ride on Saturday, and then rode up Grant into the heart of Chinatown in search of the perfect cereal bowl. I saw a few possibles but won't decide until I've been back to the hardware store basement in Japantown.

I didn't take the big camera, thinking it would rain, and it was just as well. I'm thinking I need to take a break from it; I need some time to recharge, especially if this view on Grant Street was the best I could do with the new camera! I think I will not take a camera with me anywhere for awhile.

I stopped at Kash's new bike parking/bike commuters' store, Warm Planet Bicycles, at the CalTrain station, checked out the Tikits and decided until they make one ten pounds lighter, I'll just hang on to the Brompton. Maybe I'll even start using it more often; it's very easy to lock up for rides around town.

And then I watched the exciting finish of the race into San Jose, where Levi won the yellow jersey.


erein said...

I love the new header on your blog. Did you take the picture?
I wanted to see the KOM yesterday on Mt. Hamilton, but I had to work. :(

Jackie said...

Thanks - yes, that's from the early 1970s.

I'm watching the live coverage as they cycle through Big Sur in the rain. Brrrr.

erein said...

Brr, indeed. There are days when I'm glad I'm a librarian and NOT a professional bike racer. 6 hours in the wet rain, ugh!