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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Yesterday I bought so many groceries, it took three trips from the car to get them all in. . .and then I made a huge pot of beef and vegetable stew.

While that was cooking I tackled figuring out how to recover deleted files from CF cards, which was weird because I had to use two computers - one to Chat with Lexar support, the other to do the work (but only because Lexar wanted me to do it on the PC and I was already talking on the Mac). It worked easily, except I had to find a program on the PC that would find and open RAW files, which took me a lot longer than it should have.

The bad news: the one card with the day's shoot from Honfleur was the one card I kept reusing. It ended up with three different days overlapping, and only this one photo of the narrowest house I've ever seen was saved. (It was also the only house on the lane with a "garden.")


Darling Daughter said...

Happy Birthday mama!!!!

velogirl said...

that's good to know. I wish I'd thought about recovering my cycle oregon photos before I took more on the same cf card.

but your one photo is nice.

velogirl said...

ps -- Happy Birthday!

chatterbox said...

It was your birthday?! Happy birthday - albeit a day late!

I love that little, narrow house. It seems like they used a lot of 'found' bricks and such to build it. How cool.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I was told if you scraped off the facade on most old buildings you would find a hodge-podge of building materials - using old stuff over and over goes way back in Europe. This particular house had such a lived-in quality, so unlike most.