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Sunday, February 10, 2008

A ride & a chapel

Photo of me finishing Alpine by fellow team member Sandra Valle

There were 26 of us (half had already headed back down from the top of Alpine when this photo was taken) on the Velo Girls training ride this morning and it was a really beautiful day for quality time in the saddle. I loved being back on the Cannondale, riding with old and new friends.

February often tricks us into thinking it's spring with balmy shirt-sleeve weather, like yesterday and today, but I see by our midday shadows the sun is still pretty far south, even here in the bay area (and I thought it so strange in Paris, with their long shadows at noon!)

I watched "Pride & Prejudice" on t.v. this evening - such a waste of time. When it was done, I went back to Saint Chapelle and worked this image, mainly because after I left Paris, DB did a series and reminded me of them.

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