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Friday, February 22, 2008


Suddenly, on some blocks here on Potrero Hill, they've moved all the ugly overhead lines underground - it's an incredible change. (My block didn't get included. I think property owners had to pay x-dollars for it.) I suppose I'll quit noticing it soon enough, but now, every time I drive those few changed blocks, my spirit soars. It's amazing.

Compare this view of the city skyline with the one in the header, which I took in the early 1970s from about the same place, but with a telephoto lens. Been a whole lot of new buildings built in the meantime, with even more on the way.

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erein said...

When I moved to California from Kansas the first thing I noticed was the power lines-so ugly! In Kansas, the lines are tucked underground because of our windy, snowy icy weather.

Any signs of the turtle?