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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring - could it be?

I guess not, but the trees are in bloom and it's mostly shirt-sleeve, bike-ridin' weather.

I ran errands by bike and rode up to USF for class, stopping along the way to take snapshots with my new p&s camera - and it is really point-&-hope-for-the-best. I miss the viewfinder already, but maybe I'll learn. (Or just get lucky more often.)

I was about a half-block away from these people. I don't like locking and leaving my bike constantly, so what I see from the saddle is all I get.

(I spent the last hour listening to a CD from a class lecture on Ethnic Conflict that I'd missed and to keep busy, mindlessly, I started fooling around with blog templates, etc., making things worse. But there it is.)

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