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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Light & locks (& museums)

Cafe in Musee d'Orsay
This afternoon I went out on my bike to get a haircut, took my camera and never got it out because I didn't see anything I wanted to keep. It was surprisingly cold and the light wasn't good. Two mornings ago the air was bright and very clear, with early morning shadows defining a sparkling city, but I didn't take advantage of it because I had groceries on my mind. (And I don't have a lens to capture that scene, anyway.)

When I got back home my key stuck in the lock but I eventually wrangled it out. I got some powdered graphite to blow into the lock and then the next time I put the key in, it wouldn't go all the way. I worked and worked at it until I realized the tumblers had finally tumbled their last, the lock was broken. (It had been getting more and more difficult to pull a key back out for quite some time.)

And I was locked out.

Ed to the rescue! My owner in the front house got home a few minutes later, drilled out the lock to open the door, went to the hardware store for a new doorknob/lock, installed it and I was back in business within the hour.

2-sided painting at the Louvre

"Le Combat de David et Goliath"
Daniele Ricciarelli, ~1550

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