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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today, another culinary event

I stopped at the Community Thrift Store on Valencia after school today to get Sibyl a new basket, and I ran into the very Corning Ware skillet/casserole I was looking to replace. (I have the lid and detachable handle from the one I got for a wedding present a long time ago, but which I ruined and threw out.) They quit making this cornflower version.

I was so excited. It was spotless, shiny-new looking.

Well. The lid is about 1/8" smaller than the pan and slips down into it unless it's balanced at a slight angle. (My lid does not look shiny-new.) I was so disappointed.

But I used it to cook chicken tonight and it was wonderful, even if the lid is a tad small. Weird that it would be just slightly different! That they would change the size like that.

My other fry pans are cast iron and could use a sandblasting and seasoning to start over; I ruined them, too. (One skillet is square and the Corning Ware lid fits it perfectly.) Odorless fumes from the non-stick coating put on most new cookware is deadly to birds if it overheats. Probably not too good for us, either. I never use it.

I wish I always remembered when I'm cooking, but, alas, I wander off and forget.

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Jill said...

Perhaps they shrink after 40 years of washing?