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Monday, March 24, 2008

and then there was Sunday

I'm reminded of this Robert Creeley poem:

One day after another.
They all fit.

My ride yesterday was long, but I met some very strong, stoic women who made the unexpected 61 miles of a 52-mile ride in the southeast bay area a delight.

When I got home I found 45 snails in a container on my front porch. Barbara got my message asking if I could hunt them in her yard - and she was only too happy to provide me with more than ol' Hercules can possibly eat. I put the open container out there last night. Today, I don't see snails migrating anywhere else - yet. I hope they stay in my little yard. I did see Herc sunning himself and I think he will soon be a fat box turtle.

Barbara also left me some jelly beans, which didn't last long. I can never eat just one or two, and cycling shorts do show it all! Too bad.

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velogirl said...

I'm in snail overload this season -- not sure why. I wish I'd known you wanted them. I just keep throwing them out into the courtyard. I can't use snail bait anymore because of Julie.