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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A bicycle weekend

Winnie and me at yesterday's training ride in Tiburon.

I watched roller racing last evening at the Sports Basement near my house. The third guy back, adjusting his toe strap, took the fastest time they'd ever recorded - or so they said. The second guy back is wearing a Sheila Moon creation; as he was being introduced he raised his bra. (He came in last in that group.) The blue buckets were for barf. I was there two hours, they were late starting, and I didn't wait for the women's races.

Lauren was there, but no Velo Girls. I'll check her blog tomorrow, see how she did.

The crowd behind me was a very interesting mix of city bikers/messengers, club riders and, of course, the Bicycle Coalition.

Today we had the last of the Cinderella Classic training rides, this one on the peninsula. Afterwards we had lunch at Winnie's house, where some made their costumes for Saturday.

1 comment:

lauren said...

those pics are all great!

i can't wait to see the pics from cinderella. those are always fun.

and i really think they should of let the women go first at the roller racing. we only had 4 heats. we would have been done in less then a half hour.

altho, maybe that's why they did the girls last now that i think of it - so that people would stay.

anyway, good seeing you!