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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Checking off the to-do list

Yep, it must really be spring. I've started from the bottom of my to-do list (restoring my ancient cast iron skillets) as a way of working myself into the mood for overhauling my critical mess. Yesterday I checked off many little, easy items on the list and today I was ready to tackle my closet, drawers, and baskets of mostly crap clothes. That plastic bag with Sibyl sitting on it is Round One. It goes to the Salvation Army drop-off tomorrow.

See the rust? That's a good thing. When all the black is gone I can then remove the rust and re-season this small skillet. I have another 10 " square skillet inside a plastic bag being soaked for a few days in oven cleaner. Tomorrow I will tackle it. I got some lye-based oven cleaner yesterday for the next round. I also bought a new 10" round skillet for $14.00 at Soko Hardware. The cans of oven cleaner I'm using cost as much, or more. But the old Wagner Ware skillets will last another two lifetimes if I restore them and take better care, this time around.

And to get away from housecleaning I obsess over maps, planning bike routes for a progressive-mileage Velo Girls' training series.


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