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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Critical Mess

It's now to the point of pushing piles around to make a small space in order to eat a meal at my kitchen table. This is not good.

But, so what?! Really, when the time is right and the stars are aligned, I will clean up my mess. In the meantime, I do creative work (so to speak) and get out and RIDE.

This week I rode four different bikes on four different days. I like that.

Sibyl is probably about to drop another egg. The first one was last Thursday and I expected the second two days later, so not sure what her long-term pattern will be (or even if there will be a long-term pattern) and she is driving me nuts. Up until today, between eggs, she'd been her non-laying playful sweet self, today she whines and wants to make me her mate.

This morning I rode to the Presidio to meet Carol for lunch in the Commons dining room at the Lucas Letterman campus (or whatever it's called). Nice. We had a good visit.

On my way there I stopped to try for a better angle on the Serra sculptures, this time in the morning light. The buildings around it are mostly very mediocre, shoddy looking. I can't see the place improving with time. (The orange tower in the center is the not-as-bad UCSF building.)

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