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Monday, March 03, 2008


I know, most of you who read this think an interval is the time between dinner and your bedtime snack, but I'm thinking about upping my fitness by doing some Intervals.

An Interval (I use the capital with respect) is doing something so hard, like an all-out sprint on the bicycle, that you not just think, you know you're going to die, and then not doing the so-hard-you-could-die thing for an Interval, called Recovery, oh yeah! and then repeating the, yes-this-time-I-know-it's-the-end-for-sure, I-will-now-die thing again. Oh, and then you do it a few more times.

That's doing intervals.

There are losing-fat intervals, building-muscles intervals, and speed-training intervals, etc., etc., etc.

I plan to sprint between red lights on 7th Street, on my way to school. If I haven't dropped dead by Market (it's a slight grade, to boot), I will slowly recover and then sprint that last climb up Golden Gate to U.S.F.

You probably won't want to sit next to me in class.


velogirl said...

that's exactly how I explain it to my coaching clients.

chatterbox said...

Ooh, Jackie! You are getting dangerously close to Competitive Athlete(TM) territory. Next thing you know, you will be entering a MTB race "to help with that tour I want to go on with dirt roads". Then, you will buy a skinsuit and start weighing your food and get a set of rollers. It's a slippery slope.... :)

On the other hand, intervals are a great way to bump up your fitness a notch! Have fun.

Jackie said...

Hey, I did the red light schtick, but the sprint put me through them! so I had to keep going! Well, that didn't last too long and I did my will-I-make-it-one-more-time recovery. Yeah. Slippery slope.