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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pay off

This weekend has been all about the bike. Yesterday the Velo Girls sponsored the Menlo Park Grand Prix, a series of criteriums for all racing levels, and I went down to help marshal. My spot was on the quiet back straight-away so I just enjoyed an afternoon in the sun, watching the guys zip by me. I was sorry all the women raced in the early morning, but I was out late the night before and had to miss them this time.

Tattoo-guy was telling me about his work in progress. (There will be exhaust pipes/vents up his thigh.)

Today I got up at what was still 04:30 to me (we moved our clocks ahead an hour last night) to get to the start of today's training ride. Diane picked me up at 07:30 and we drove an hour south on Hwy 101 to someplace near Morgan Hill to ride the Three Reservoirs. I think my two Interval days made a big difference - not that anyone but me would notice, I still slow down to climb - but I felt better.

I read in the paper last week that there are now 47 billionaires living in the bay area. We were on roads I've never been on before, mostly rural, with lush green rolling hills, fields of intensely yellow mustard, blossoming orchards and dormant grapevines, and then we hit Ostentationville on our way into Morgan Hill. This huge house was not uncommon. I've seen smaller college campuses.

After dinner I fell asleep on the couch and feel a bit wasted and groggy now. I have to get our next series of training rides on the Velo Girls calendar this week - they start next Saturday! - getting ready for Strawberry Fields Forever in May. I'd like to put today's ride on our schedule - it was really wonderful.

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