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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday news

I got up too early and after a big breakfast, fellow team rider, Diane, got here and we loaded her bike onto my car for the drive to Menlo Park for today's training ride. It was a gorgeous spring day on the peninsula and a thoroughly enjoyable ride around Portola Valley and up Alpine. Afterwards, a few of us went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. I locked our bikes onto my rack with a skinny cable and padlock. (Next time: take bikes with us.) Again, the ride and the company was lovely.

When we got back to my house I could not find the padlock key. I tried to find a duplicate in my various stashes of keys, but no luck. Finally, a neighbor was able to cut through it and free our bikes. Phew!

I could see Hercules, partially hidden, but basking in the sun. He hadn't touched the food I left yesterday, but, on closer inspection, I found several empty snail shells and I'm 100% sure they were not there yesterday when I was weeding. It would seem he knows how to catch and break into a snail. This should not surprise me since turtles evolved their successful strategy for survival about 350 million years ago, give or take a few million. Still, I was pleased. Now, of course, I have to go snail hunting, since his little yard is barren. I left him some fresh blueberries and the next time I looked, they were gone.


erein said...

I was a little nervous that you were going to say your bikes were stolen, I'm glad they were only temporarily locked up. :) Hercules has such a nice yard. WE should all be so lucky as to bask in the sun and eat blueberries. Mmmm, blueberries. :)

chatterbox said...

Yeah, I thought you were headed for stolen bike land, too! Glad to hear all ended well, except for the lock.