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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No time for words

and not many new pix taken, either.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two days

Two rides.

Could they be any different?

Maybe more on them later, for now, I'm going to veg out in front of the t.v.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Grinning out loud

Played hooky from school today, took DB around the waterfront by car, sticking mostly to my bike route, except where a car can't go, like Aquatic Park. Soon we'll go on city bike rides, like in Paris, but today was very windy and since he's barely off the plane, it seemed wise to drive. He's looking for an affordable place to live in or near the city, no small thing these days.

The extraordinary heat of the last few days did in the tulips at the windmill. Some years a big storm does that; I don't ever remember heat killing them before. When we drove up 280 from the south bay yesterday evening, we could see the fog bank, back lit by the lowering sun. Ahhhh. Yes!

In the morning, I have a writing seminar with Stephen Vincent: "Walking & Writing." The small class will first walk within the USF campus and write/draw/photograph as we go, and then meet to talk about it. I will ride my bike and the time pedaling up hill, one foot in front of the other, will make a good transition from these past two days of household changes. I'm glad DB is here, even if I've lost my room in Paris.

I rode downtown for a 6:00 meeting in the financial district. I didn't mind the wind as much as I expected to. The ball park was gearing up for a night game so there were people milling about, getting ready for a good time. I love pedaling among the tall buildings, their windows reflecting different images than I'd see earlier in the day. The ride home again in the dark was, as always, such a kick; I feel like I'm getting away with something wicked, or secret, or both. It makes me grin out loud.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunday, April 06, 2008

12 hours on the couch

I guess it was a mistake to ride on Friday and then get up at 05:00 to ride 65 more miles on Saturday, because last night I was very tired, much more so than when I tour and ride day after day. It's not like I was riding particularly fast, either (though it did feel like a push into the wind much of the time), and I took longer than usual to finish the course.

So, I took to the couch to watch a movie at 8:00 last evening, woke up this morning at 08:30, still on the couch, still in my clothes.

But, hey, I do feel much better! I feel better, though not my leaden legs. What's with that?

I got the photos processed and uploaded to the Velo Girls Web site. No small thing.

I spent the whole day just hangin' out, pushing pixels, playing with Sibyl, who is winding up to lay another egg and is becoming annoying. She is, however, fun to photograph in the midst of things she does while I work on the computer. She's tearing up her new perch stand.

Here's almost the same scene as above, taken last year under sunny skies. I love this image and have it on my PC's desktop. I sink into it. (Click on it to see all the Cinderella riders.)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday with Theresa

I met my old friend, Theresa, at the Ferry Building for a city ride today. She was expected on the 10:00 Larkspur Ferry and I got there a few minutes early so I visited Gandhi again. He stands in the middle of an open space behind the Ferry building, empty but for delivery trucks on weekdays; on Saturdays there is a bustling Farmers Market there, and he is hidden behind the vendor stands. (I know, you've seen him here before, but my world is full of repeats. The tourist in red is new. I wonder if he took a picture of me taking a picture of him?)

We rode around the waterfront, up through the Presidio as far as the Legion, where we detoured over to Geary to a place where Judy and I have stopped for lunch on rides. It's a charming little corner cafe, with odd sandwiches made on hot-pepper foccachias, with a salad side. I'd forgotten how odd they were. We got caught up on her news, my news, and news of the geriatric failings of too many people we know in common. Cripes, everyone is falling apart!

After lunch we continued on Geary to its end and then joined the Great Highway at the Cliff House. We turned in to see the tulips at the windmill - they probably won't last much longer. The last time I was there they were just breaking ground. They come and go much too fast!

We stopped at the Bicycle Coalition offices on Market, where I picked up a supply of Tube Times to distribute, said hello, and then rode back to the Ferry Building to sit in the sun until Theresa's 3:00 ferry.

It was shockingly cold today. (Yeah, I forgot to mention we'd stopped, first thing, at the Sports Basement for her to get leg and ear warmers.) After leaving the sheltered sun at Ferry Plaza, I nearly froze getting home.

On my way in this morning I saw the bow & arrow sculpture on the Embarcadero partially shrouded; I guess they're restoring it, though I didn't notice it needing it, the last time I was riding by.

To bed early tonight, setting the alarm before 05:00, to ride the Cinderella Classic tomorrow.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Three dogs

I haven't taken any exciting pix lately, just stuff for the blog. I'm riding the next four days, but will probably only have the little camera for most of it.

Tuesday, as I was pulling out of a parking place on Mariposa, a flatbed truck carrying three Doggie Diner dachshund heads stopped behind me - and I didn't have a camera! They were all lined up next to each other and quite a sight. This photo is Frederick Larson's, from his Mystical Photography blog at SFGate.com., where I learned the dogs were used in the St. Stupid Day parade.

They were apparently towed across country and a film made of their journey. The film, "Head Trip," will be shown at the Roxie tonight.

Who knew?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Sibyl kinda day

First, an egg at breakfast (not for breakfast). . .

. . .and then she went completely nuts for these fake flowers for my tutu. She'd dive under them, lift them, nearly rolled in them. I was afraid she'd break the string holding them together and I need them on my jersey to ride in the Cinderella on Saturday. I'll have to wait until she goes to roost to finish putting them on. (They'll go on the jersey below.)