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Sunday, April 06, 2008

12 hours on the couch

I guess it was a mistake to ride on Friday and then get up at 05:00 to ride 65 more miles on Saturday, because last night I was very tired, much more so than when I tour and ride day after day. It's not like I was riding particularly fast, either (though it did feel like a push into the wind much of the time), and I took longer than usual to finish the course.

So, I took to the couch to watch a movie at 8:00 last evening, woke up this morning at 08:30, still on the couch, still in my clothes.

But, hey, I do feel much better! I feel better, though not my leaden legs. What's with that?

I got the photos processed and uploaded to the Velo Girls Web site. No small thing.

I spent the whole day just hangin' out, pushing pixels, playing with Sibyl, who is winding up to lay another egg and is becoming annoying. She is, however, fun to photograph in the midst of things she does while I work on the computer. She's tearing up her new perch stand.

Here's almost the same scene as above, taken last year under sunny skies. I love this image and have it on my PC's desktop. I sink into it. (Click on it to see all the Cinderella riders.)

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