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Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday with Theresa

I met my old friend, Theresa, at the Ferry Building for a city ride today. She was expected on the 10:00 Larkspur Ferry and I got there a few minutes early so I visited Gandhi again. He stands in the middle of an open space behind the Ferry building, empty but for delivery trucks on weekdays; on Saturdays there is a bustling Farmers Market there, and he is hidden behind the vendor stands. (I know, you've seen him here before, but my world is full of repeats. The tourist in red is new. I wonder if he took a picture of me taking a picture of him?)

We rode around the waterfront, up through the Presidio as far as the Legion, where we detoured over to Geary to a place where Judy and I have stopped for lunch on rides. It's a charming little corner cafe, with odd sandwiches made on hot-pepper foccachias, with a salad side. I'd forgotten how odd they were. We got caught up on her news, my news, and news of the geriatric failings of too many people we know in common. Cripes, everyone is falling apart!

After lunch we continued on Geary to its end and then joined the Great Highway at the Cliff House. We turned in to see the tulips at the windmill - they probably won't last much longer. The last time I was there they were just breaking ground. They come and go much too fast!

We stopped at the Bicycle Coalition offices on Market, where I picked up a supply of Tube Times to distribute, said hello, and then rode back to the Ferry Building to sit in the sun until Theresa's 3:00 ferry.

It was shockingly cold today. (Yeah, I forgot to mention we'd stopped, first thing, at the Sports Basement for her to get leg and ear warmers.) After leaving the sheltered sun at Ferry Plaza, I nearly froze getting home.

On my way in this morning I saw the bow & arrow sculpture on the Embarcadero partially shrouded; I guess they're restoring it, though I didn't notice it needing it, the last time I was riding by.

To bed early tonight, setting the alarm before 05:00, to ride the Cinderella Classic tomorrow.

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