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Monday, April 14, 2008

Grinning out loud

Played hooky from school today, took DB around the waterfront by car, sticking mostly to my bike route, except where a car can't go, like Aquatic Park. Soon we'll go on city bike rides, like in Paris, but today was very windy and since he's barely off the plane, it seemed wise to drive. He's looking for an affordable place to live in or near the city, no small thing these days.

The extraordinary heat of the last few days did in the tulips at the windmill. Some years a big storm does that; I don't ever remember heat killing them before. When we drove up 280 from the south bay yesterday evening, we could see the fog bank, back lit by the lowering sun. Ahhhh. Yes!

In the morning, I have a writing seminar with Stephen Vincent: "Walking & Writing." The small class will first walk within the USF campus and write/draw/photograph as we go, and then meet to talk about it. I will ride my bike and the time pedaling up hill, one foot in front of the other, will make a good transition from these past two days of household changes. I'm glad DB is here, even if I've lost my room in Paris.

I rode downtown for a 6:00 meeting in the financial district. I didn't mind the wind as much as I expected to. The ball park was gearing up for a night game so there were people milling about, getting ready for a good time. I love pedaling among the tall buildings, their windows reflecting different images than I'd see earlier in the day. The ride home again in the dark was, as always, such a kick; I feel like I'm getting away with something wicked, or secret, or both. It makes me grin out loud.

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velogirl said...

ah, DB is here. I forgot about that.