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Friday, May 09, 2008

Jane, Leah and a SFMOMA day

Jane took the 22-Fillmore to Potrero Hill from home and I picked her up in my car so we could go to see Leah in Oakland - but first we stopped at TJ's for lunch food and some tulips to take to Leah. Salad, pizza, strawberries. It was good food, good time.

And then Jane and I went to SFMOMA to see the Friedlander show. Yes. Yes. Yes! The real deal.

But. I was embarrassed for myself. Either I am horribly derivative (of some of his imagery - shadows, reflections, images within images) - or, great minds think alike. I'll take the latter.

I love SFMOMA, inside and out. I only took my little camera today, but even so, I had fun for a few minutes, pretending I can also make amazing photographs.

I can hardly wait for the great times DB and I will have on photo safaris, as soon as he gets over leaving Paris for our Paris of the West. (Actually, he was totally burnt out with France and glad to be here. But, still. Transitions/changes don't come easy.)

He's out now, walking here on Potrero Hill, camera ready for the good late light.

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