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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Riding to Watsonville

Last week Judy and I rode down the coast, spending the first night at Pigeon Point Hostel, the next in Watsonville where we joined the Strawberry Fields Forever metric century ride on Sunday. We enjoyed every minute, all three days. DB came down Sunday evening with my car to drive us home, but we spent another night in Watsonville and then drove slowly back up the coast, through Capitola, Santa Cruz and Pescadero.

I took more pictures that I'd like to put here, and I'd like to write more, too, but now I have to make a big pot of beef & vegetable stew to have for the next few nights so we can go out shooting in the late, best light without worrying about dinner all the time. This taking photos on purpose is a different ball of wax; I'm used to catch as catch can stuff, serendipity.

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