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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rabbit ears

and Other technical challenges.

Yesterday, I used my $40.00 coupon to buy a TV Converter Box to tune in HD digital channels, and because my t.v. has a built-in tape player and an add-on DVD player, which has to run its sound through my stereo (don't ask), I now have four (4) remotes, plus the old $8.00 rabbit ears.

I now get lots of new channels and an amazing picture. But the converter's remote doesn't turn on the t.v. (it should) and I have to increase the sound using the t.v's remote on some stations, not others.

And for some reason one network, CBS, won't convert. It will not recognize Channel 5. I went back to the store to see about a quick fix and the guy thought, I'm sure, I was a crazy, inept old lady. But, I figured out how to watch that station: I unplug the rabbit ears from the converter, put them back onto the t.v. - Voila!

Now, to watch a DVD I will have to unplug the cables from the converter and plug in the DVD cables - using its remote, the t.v.'s remote, and the one for the stereo (three remotes for a DVD).

You won't want to try watching t.v. in my house!

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Steve sculpts critters said...

sounds like a bit of a major hassle to me.
Come the evening, I flop down with the remote, and NOTHING gets me up and out of my chair (except an empty glass of course).