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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fog & smoke

A year ago today, DB and I were driving from Italy into France through these alps.

I guess I need to be more careful about what I wish for, though getting the fog back can only be a plus after the kind of heat we had last week. I can't ever remember having our sky stay white with the smoke from distant wild fires the way it's been for several days now. Usually, the wind moves whatever we have, fog, smog, haze, out of the city quickly. But this pale white sky just stays, morning to night.

I took DB for a long ride yesterday, did some climbing, but we took it fairly easy because the air is so bad. Rode downtown this afternoon, slowly. Got the screw replaced in my glasses, picked up some test prints from a second lab I'm trying - will try a third tomorrow. We sat behind the Ferry Building for a while, just watching the people and the ferries go in and out. Nice. On the way home I stopped in the new Mission Bay library, picked up some movies and books. I miss reading mysteries.

In a month four people will be visiting here from Japan and I'm going to try to show them as much as I can squeeze into one day of sight-seeing by bicycle. They spent an enormous amount of time, traveling great distances on two separate weekends, to show my group their cities and historic sights when we toured there last September. They don't speak much, if any, English, but it will be wonderful to see them again and I look forward to it.


Groover said...

It's great to be able to show your town to friends and folks. Especially on the bike.

Found your blog a while ago and have been back several times since. I really like it.

Jackie said...

...isn't it grand to connect all over the world like this?! I visited your blog and will check it out often. Good stuff there.

velogirl said...

how big is that dragon?

I'm sad that you think the world might forever be filled with white skies.

Groover said...

Looking forward to showing you my town ... if only in pictures ... :-)