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Saturday, June 07, 2008

From the sublime

to the mundane.

The garbage collectors left me a note that they saw compost items in my black garbage can and I should mend my ways. And the next week, I got a letter in the mail.

When we first got the big green can for compost I diligently collected it - and it amounted to a half-gallon milk carton of stuff for the entire week. It seemed silly to take that huge can out to the sidewalk for so little.

Now with an extra person often in the house, there is a tiny bundle a day. I don't go through enough milk to have a carton a day, so I'm doing what we did when I was a kid, wrap the garbage in newspaper. Of course, I don't take a newspaper so I have to take it from my neighbor's blue can. I tie the twine in a shoelace bow.

It all works out. I hope they notice.

Today I cleaned house and did some mending. Sibyl really likes my sewing machine.

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