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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Onion domes & beef stew

After visiting Chuck yesterday I drove down Geary and found myself stopping to capture the golden mosaic onion domes on this Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia cathedral. It took me a quick Google search to learn more about it, but I'll spare you the details.

So far today I've done three loads of laundry at the laundromat on 18th Street, where I was pretty much the only person there - most people avoid laundromats during a heat wave - and then chopped veggies and browned meat and made my great stew, which is simmering right now.

Close call at the laundromat: my camera's extra battery appeared in my basket where it most fortunately fell out of a pants pocket before going through the wash; that would have cost me $60 or more to replace.

The stew is smelling delicious. New habit: sandwich for lunch, instead of soup and crackers. I sure make new habits easily. Anyway, while I was sitting there eating lunch just now the light changed and I could see beyond the avocado tree next door a white, no longer blue sky. Uh oh. It is still warm and whatever it is, a cloud or fog, it is up high. We used to say "this feels like earthquake weather," not sure why. Maybe because it's warm and gloomy, not warm and sunny. No wind.

I'm all set to go back to reshoot the houses on Divisadero at sunset, because the foliage is too dark and won't print detail. I reworked it, still too dark. Wish I knew how to seamlessly plop new foliage into the old file and keep the rest as is. Not sure if I can capture this scene as well again, but I'll try. The chances of catching the same light and the trees in the same place are pretty slight.

Never mind. I just did the foliage again and I can see sufficient detail. It's too damn hot to get in the car tonight.

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