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Friday, June 13, 2008

A new routine

DB is right, the best time to take any photo is when the sun is low - either sunrise (not likely), or just before sunset. The trouble is, when do you cook and eat dinner? In Italy we often ate at bedtime, which was fine in Italy when you didn't have to shop for food, cook or do dishes. Neither one of us likes to deal with making meals; we both like to eat. It means either being hungry a lot, or making new routines.

So yesterday we ate dinner by 5:30 and were parking on Russian Hill in front of the Art Institute (where when classes are out, there is plenty of parking) before 7:00, to walk over to Telegraph Hill, to see what we'd see.

Coit Tower is free to walk around inside - the elevator to the top isn't, but we didn't need to go up on a hot, hazy evening. Neither of us had seen the murals since we were kids and they're quite wonderful.

While we were there the fog moved in under the bridge and the wind was getting colder, but we walked all over North Beach and back up Russian Hill, climbing more hills than we really needed to.

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Jill said...

My idea of a brilliant sunday morning is to head over to Greenich & Filbert (?) across from Mamas, grab some pizza bread at that bakery and schlep up to coit tower and eat it as you watch over the city.