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Thursday, June 26, 2008

White sky

Here's the photo to go with yesterday's blog. I went riding again today and my chest feels heavy, like it did when I had asthma, but I can breathe O.K.

I have a feeling that this is the leading edge of how it will be as the world warms up, but, like cockroaches, we'll no doubt adapt and learn to love white skies and dim views.

I've missed writing my idle thoughts. DB has been living with me off & on since leaving Paris in April. It's been a lot of years since anyone lived with me and he's probably the easiest of them all. But, I am used to being alone and haven't quite figured out how to not feel like someone is looking over my shoulder while I write. Once, I was writing something I'd rather he not read and I thought he was reading over my shoulder so I then explained what I meant - turned out he couldn't read the screen without his glasses. But, still. It's like always waiting for the other shoe to drop when there is someone else in your force-field.

Turns out he doesn't read my blog, says he gets it first-hand. Here's his picture from one of our photo safaris last month - can you believe we walked across the bridge, just like tourists!?

Note the blue, blue sky. Well, considering that folks are losing their homes - not to mention the zillion critters losing their lives and homes - in these wild fires, we shouldn't complain about white skies.

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