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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jacaranda trees in bloom

How considerate of my neighbors to plant jacaranda trees.

They remind me of a zocalo in a small Oaxacan village with an enormous jacaranda in full bloom, all its lower limbs hung with pastel, gingham check aprons for sale. Pure magic.


velogirl said...

I've always wondered what those trees were called. my most powerful memories of them are riding into LA on my first AIDS Ride. they lined the streets on both sides. I recall thinking they were absolutely beautiful.

Groover said...

I love Jacaranda trees. Majestic. My first address in Sydney was a Jacanda tree lined street and it was December. The whole street was dipped in Jacanda blue. Stunning. Then we moved into this place in Brisbane and I thought we had a regal Jacanda in the backyard ... until I saw the flowers. It turned out to be a Poinciana tree.